the grapist nation

the grapist story ever told


the grapist story is one filled with friendship, blood, sweat, tears, hard work, and guys that have really big wieners, and are not gay, i repeat NOT GAY.

CHAPTER UNO                                          THE BEGINING OF AN ERA

in the year 2008 the music buisness was booming around byron. many bands populated the strrets with there music. such as chapel on the hill and lightning clover. aaron johnson a extremely awesome young man on his own level was dreaming about his name one day being up in lights. he knew that if this dream was to come true he had to work for it. he was very fascinated in the realm of music and had a flame inside him as bright as a cross burning in a black mans yard around the 1960s. he gathered together what little confidence he had and made a song.  he released a song called "farmer red" a parody of undead by hollywood undead.after pndering over the song many hours he uploaded the video to youtube and titled it by a band called the grapists.he did not know it yet but this was a begining of an era. an era filled with agony laughps sorrow pain friendship bad assness.... and after getting a woping 23 hits on this video he knew he was destined to be a star.he couldnt sleep that knight knowing he was destined to be a star. he knew he couldnt do it alone though. thats when the lord called upon 6 crazzy mcs. the noobinater, the animal, %%100%%, the instigater, the maneger, hey wait you forgot about the situation. after the original 6 where assembled they worked many day until they came up with something completely amazing and fantasticly great. this is when one of the greatest hits in grapists history was born (too cool) a song about the hardships of growing up as a modern say nerd. this song was hugelly succesful and ultimately led to the start of the grapists we see today.


CHAPTER DOS                        THE RISING TIDE

more and more people started to hear about the grapists. after they released single after single they had began work on their debut album titled (just go with it- the grapists EP) and where considered the best of the best in byron music. hit after hit came out in the year of 2009 including no crap, f**k you, back on top, this life, and a parody of remember the name by fort minor. this was an era considered the rising tide. the very first grapist concert happend that summer. it was a major success and made people become desperate for the debut album. in the spring of 2009 the grapists debut album was released causing masive panic and molaria in certain third world countries mainly wherever blacks lived. it was such a good album the president bommed bolivia for no reason.the album took nearly 2 years to complete but it was all worth it the fans where satisfied with what they heard.  as the fan base grew and grew and the fans asked for more the grapists started work on the (facebook album) named after the facebook revolution.the album was a short album only containing 6 songs but it fed the apitite for the fans for a while. the album was worked on many months until being released on facebook. 


  CHAPTER TRES                                                                                                             MUDDY WATERS AHEAD

just as it seemed that the grapists where at the top in early 2010 the band split. dalton boon aka %%100%% went to a band called garys gray. aaron johnson continued solo work, and the rest of the band went seperate ways. this was a tragedy at the time. the band garys gray had a concert wich turned out to be a huge success. except for some fag breaking tree limbs off left and right, and more than one girl at the same place is never a good idea. after seeing daltons succes after dispercing from the grapists he was inspired to keep working. he released an EP with former member the animal aka jason perry. the EP contained fuck you, the good song, the rythym, and ftw.the only song to gain any fame what so ever was fuck you. so in other words the EP didnt amount to a black mans unemployment check.niether did the frosti and playboys reunion EP contaning tonight, and love song 1 and 2. after the tears dried everyone started to forget about the grapists. every once in a while a question about what happened lingered throught the midnight air but other than that the memory of the grapists was dead. many would have thought it was over there and the grapists where dead forever and for a while thats what it seemed.


CHAPTER QUATRO                                                                                                            A NEW BEGINING

after the brake up of garys gray due to conflict within the band aaron johnson and dalton boon got together again exept this time it wasnt for the grapists. it was for a new project. after discovering there talents through the grapists they made a serios band. they needed a third member to form this group and after weeks of searching the partnered up with old friend lucas howe aka playboy. they started to write music emidiatly and came up with many songs then they just nedded to get there music out there. after a deal with AARONBOYMUSIC studios runned by aaron johnsons grandfather curt. they started recording an album titled welcome to the city of the damned and where set to come out with a cd. this cd contained songs like. what drove us insane, no more tears, and within reach.the album is yet to come out and it will come out. for a while we had our fun and where becoming popular but the band didnt feel complete especialy after lucas howes departure after a short lived membership. they knew there was only one thing that could fill this void. and aaron and dalton decided to get the crew back together so that they could rezurect the grapists.

CHAPTER 5                                       REZURECTING THE FORGOTEN

the first thing to do was gain back our fanbase most of it had been lost over the caurse of a year but once word of a new grapists album hit the whole world celbrated (ecxept one with blacks in them) the crew had been reasembled adn we came back stronger than ever. and in mid 2011 arron johnson aka frosti with the help of the newest recruted member eric cooper aka fetus molester released the songs hooker punching bag and the rusting siberian traintracks of our forgotten love wich was a huge sucess in all contries including black ones. after long work on the album and a movie was fillmed the album containd a set list of 8 songs including burning religios sanctum, budha, and hold me. the album released late 2011. they entire worlds ears where rendered usless being a huge succes the band began work on a blues album titled the blues man cre. anf the haloween special cd/dvd has been anounced for rlease on haloween. the  grapists where oficially back on top.

CHAPTER 6:                                                                                                                   the second coming

the rise halloween edition released worldwide october 2011. the album including a blues man crue single and a remix of the hit single hooker punchingbag. the album went pretty well. but what the fans didnt know is the grapists actually made this album just to hold them off for the upcoming alpha & omega wich they had began work on in late 2011. they wanted the album to be big. and even beat glampire files in popularity. it would be a hard task but it proved to pull it off. it was the first album to have an option of digital download or hard copy. if you got the box set you would get the movie and all grapist songs ever made. but later the grapists released the alpha & omega: grapist nation collecters edition. this contained everything that came with the hard copy. there first single poopy pants was the first song to feature another artist B*RIAN. after this they released there secong single my balls. these songs where both good but dont compare to what the album became. 


EPILOUGE                                                                                                                        WEARY EYES FOR THE FUTURE

many people ask whats in store for the grapists in the future and well never know for sure but after the blues man crew and haloween sprecial we will continue to shock the world with are captivating music. and nomatter what happens just remember we are the grapists and this is our nation.









the grapists



AARON JOHNSON===== FrOsti                                                                                          ERIC COOPER     ===== FETUS MOLESTER                                                                        DALTON BOON    ===== %%100%%                                                                                  JASON PERRY     ===== J-DAWG                                                                               NASH GEDEON    ===== NASH-WAN                                

IN LOVING MEMORY OF LUCAS HOWE                                                                                 (hes a sophmore now)

jk i love you lucas


but im not gay..........fag        



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